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Casual Aesthetic Korean Outfits

  • Apr 12
Maybe you love Korean movies and you may love Korean food but what you are going to like more than the food and movies is the Korean fashion.
The Korean fashion is known for its sophistication, the Korean outfits is characterized by the multi-piece look where you can wear a coat over a vest and shirt and you will look perfect. It is also characterized by the aesthetic appearance, the multicolor look and the loose fit size. We offer you here a glimpse into the Korean fashion world.

Long shirt Dress + knitted vest

 a girl wearing long shirt dress with a knitted vest
Our first outfit here is a light purple shirt dress with a tie and a purple knitted vest. The shirt with the vest will give you a nostalgia of old formal clothes. It’s comfy and the color combination of the light purple of the shirt and the purple color of the vest is dope. Also the V-neck of the vest will show the tie that come with the shirt and spice up the look.

Vintage Hooded Wool Coat + loose fit jeans

Vintage wool jacket
Let’s show the beauty of the Korean fashion with a thick brownish green coat. The coat is made of high quality wool that is specialized to give you the warm feeling in the cold of winter also the coat have hoodie for the rainy weather. The special thing about this coat that it can be worn over many tops like wearing it over a sweater, black jeans, or a knitted vest.

3D bear t-shirt + a sweat pant

a girl wearing teddy bear t-shirt with a gray sweat pants

Let’s talk about cuteness a little bit ;). A T-shirt with a teddy bear on the chest pocket, not only that, the t-shirt also got a striped shirt beneath it that is the same color of the chest pockets. Wear it with a gray sweat pants that will match the light appearance of the shirt and you are ready to go.

Student style vest + sailor’s shirt + short

V-neck Student Style Cardigan
Now we are going deep in the Korean fashion and present you with a vintage outfit, Firstly we talk about the shirt, a white sailor’s shirt with long sleeves and sailor’s collar. A green student cardigan that make you outstand, whether you like the V-neck or the orange stripes a vest is a must in every wardrobe, add a black shorts to complete the look.

Black floral cardigan + Turtle neck Sweater + Shorts

Black cardigan with an orange sweater

Its cardigans time, that’s why we bring you our favorite black floral cardigan, for those who love knitted cardigans and sweater will appreciate this cardigan over here, it is suitable for the unsteady weather and it contains cute lovely decorations. Wear it with a long sleeve turtle neck t-shirt to warm your neck and look cozy

Plaid shirt with a tie + Short

Korean outfits ideas for summer are endless, for example have this plaid pink shirt with a tie. The shirt is elegant and made of high quality fabric add to it a summer bottom like shorts or skirt and you will look 10 out of 10.

Pleated Skirt + Doll Collar Cherry Sweater

A girl wearing green sweater and pleated skirt

Now we bring you our Green sweater with 3D cherries at the collar, The green color of the sweater with the red color of the cherries will give you the Christmas vibe. If you notice the outfit is missing something and this something is a pleated skirt, to be specific a plaid skirt which will complete the look and take your style to the moon.

Long sleeve T-shirt with turtle neck + plaid trouser

A girl wearing long sleeve t-shirt with a pleated trouser
Now we bring you a combination of what it means to wear a comfy and cool outfit. Long sleeve t-shirts is a must for every wardrobe because it is used to make different types of outfits, you can wear it under a jacket, a coat, or a vest. But you can go for the simple look and tuck it in a plaid trouser and you will look astonishing.

Tie Waist Polo Midi Dress

Khaki Tie Waist Polo Midi Dress

A khaki dress with a tight waist and a polo collar for the spring and summer. A midi dress with a tie at the waist and puffed sleeves for every occasion, whether it’s a formal event, a picnic or a zoo trip the polo dress is the ultimate choice.

Peter pan Collar Floral Dress

A girl wearing floral peter pan collar

Dominate the spring and summer with a peter pan floral dress, floral dresses will always be in every fashion list and it will be better with a peter pan collar.

Floral Texture Round Neck Sleeveless Dress

flower pattern dress

Some women will find it uncomfortable to expose their shoulders that is why a sleeveless dress over a blouse is great idea in this situation, Here is a round sleeveless dress that will make you shine.
Now we want to know your opinion about the Korean fashion below. Also don’t forget to explore more like the outfits above at our emerald collection.


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