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11 Essential Things you must know before Christmas

  • Dec 02

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It's almost here! that time of the year. You are sitting there gathered with family and friends, sipping your favorite wine with Christmas music playing in the background while it snows outside. However, you still feel the warmth within the gathering. Cozy vibes everywhere. But something is missing! Your look. Whether you like to go outside on Christmas or like to stay in your cozy home. There is always a way to glow.


If you are a holiday enthusiast like me. Have your closets loaded with warm socks, present lists created, and carts filled from classy blazer suits, lamb wool jackets to cozy knitted gingerbread sweaters. Here we're giving you a head start with this list because we don't want you to waste time looking around for what to wear on Christmas.


Christmas Looks

There must be multiple occasions waiting for you in the upcoming month. Many parties, gatherings, and much more! One of which is the holiday party. A very exciting day that I am impatiently waiting for as well. It is indeed an event where you will definitely want to steal the lights. So we gathered the best looks for every occasion. To inspire and help you plan out your Christmas party look.

 Girls drinking in Christmas parties


Good colors to wear for Christmas

First things first. What colors to wear on Christmas? A commonly asked question. Of course, you expect it to be the classic red and green Christmas colors. But let's spice it up! Gold, Silver, and white are seen to be a more chic option for your outfits. If you are really into the traditional look of Christmas why not try deeper colors for this Christmas, Like crimson and emerald.

A girl wearing emerald and white outfits

(@alisonmorely_) featuring this precious look with classy emerald and pure white outfits.


Christmas themed looks

Of course, we have the classic red and green Christmas-inspired knitted sweaters. Every wardrobe at Christmas must have at least one of these sweaters. They get you right in the Christmas vibe. Especially when you match it with your loved ones. Santa would love to see a good matching couple at Christmas.

Couples wearing Christmas outfits


Family Party

What is Christmas without a family reunion? It is without any doubt the warmest gathering at Christmas. Meeting with your relatives, loved ones, and friends. Sharing gifts and celebrating together. You sure want to wear your finest outfit for such an event, to better express your beauty, sophistication, and confidence. Here are some fits that will definitely do the trick for you ;)

A girl wearing classy outfits for Christmas party

A fascinating fit on (@itschloe.n) ! Emphasizing the true beauty of dresses on such occasions.


Snow fight outfits

Imagine being with your friends and one of them -out of the blue- decide to throw a snowball at you for some reason. BOOM! You are in a snow fight now. Wearing a padded jacket is the shield you definitely need for this battle to gain an advantage over your friends. Keeping you warm, stylish, and comfy while having fun at the same time.

A girl wearing a padded jacket as her casual Christmas outfit

 Here is (@_rebeccajackson) rocking the full black padded outfit. Sophistication at it’s finest.

Office Christmas party

You might get a little confused over what to wear for your business party. It's is very simple when you actually think about it. Not an overly formal outfit with a little spice sprinkled on it. Think about what you would wear to the office and then downplay it to a semi-formal look. Here are some business casual outfits to fill your imagination.

 A girl wearing office Christmas party outfits

 Classy (@sabrinapazira) rocking the perfect casual office Christmas party outfits.

A casual outfit 

It is okay to be casual depending on the occasion such as a walk with your friends or a picnic. Why not pull out one of your casual looks for this one and save your more precious looks for bigger occasions. This can be a varsity jacket on your everyday casual outfit or a colored set (Coffee and green sets are trending this winter).

A girl wearing casual Christmas outfits

We also see (@maismoss) matching her white coat with zebra jeans and casual hoodie. Truly gorgeous.


Matching Couple

A cute way to express your love to your partner is by matching your clothes together. Revealing the strong bond that you have with your lover. Many cute matching ideas for both of you.

Couples matching clothes for Christmas


Christmas nights

For nights out to the cinema or similar casual events. Staying cozy and a bit classy at the same time is the way to go. These fluffy jackets are so cute. Feels like carrying your blanket everywhere on you.

A girl wearing fluffy jacket and bag

A true example is (@jameytsmith), matching her fluffy jacket with a cute fluffy bag. Now that's comfy.


Family pajamas

For your home look. Christmas is full of memories that we love to remember. So we take lots of funny and silly pictures to save these memories and share them with our loved ones. Imagine looking back at your Christmas photos where you and your family are matching the same comfy pajamas. That would be adorable.

 A family matching Christmas pajamas

Christmas Gifts

I adore this part of Christmas. watching the smile of everyone in the room and being excited yourself to see the gifts, others have brought you. If you want to be remembered for your gift on Christmas, then it has to be unique, interesting, and funny. You need to think carefully about this one and we are here to help plan your gift for those who are fashion enthusiasts like me. This can be from small accessories like hats and beanie to bags.

 Accessories to get as gifts for your family and friends on Christmas

Pets and Christmas

Tell your dog that Santa is coming this year, so they better be nice!

Some of us spend more time with their dog than our friends or even family. So why not give them what they deserve on Christmas and shower them with presents! The good news is: There are lots of great things you could give your dog this Christmas. You can get them some delicious treats or go for practical gifts (like leash or booties) that promise your dog you're going to be spending a lot more time taking them on walks. There are durable toys perfect for playful dogs or sweaters and blankets to keep them warm and looking festive. Check out 25 Best Christmas Gifts For Dogs to learn more.

DogsDog wearing a sweater

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