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Best blank casual outfits in 2022 you don’t want to miss

  • Feb 14

It was honestly pretty easy seeing that everyone seems to be searching for cool outfits that are suitable for any kind of occasion whether you want to go out with your friends, walk your dog, or you’re just lounging around for the day. That’s why we are going to talk about what make a fabulous blank outfit and the beauty and simplicity behind blank clothes that only sophisticated people see.

Here, 14 blank casual outfits that’ll give you fashion inspiration, including High collar hoodies, matching sets, sweater vests, and more. If you want more fashion ideas for 2022, click on our Magazine.

V-neck sweater vest

How to spice up your jeans? Layer a fun sweater vest over your collar shirts for a prep-school vibe. For every season there is a type of clothes but vest is for all seasons.


Knitted Turtleneck Sweater

A pullover is essential for unrecognizable weather. When it's a pullover turtleneck, that's even better. Style it with Black Baggy Denim Jeans and cute sneaker to complete your look.

High collar hoodies


Of course hoodies is always on the list but this time with a slight difference…high collar, yup you heard me. A quality detail such as this can up the cozy vibes a good few notches. Match it with a fisherman hat and you will look 10 out of 10


Blank polar hoodies


 Any fans of hoodies here? They have the magical ability to make anybody look more sophisticated. Not to mention they’re typically a little thicker and therefore warmer than your usual Hoodie, Win! You can even wear them under a leather varsity jacket with a thick joggers and you will look like a million bucks.

Solid matching Sets

I'm simping for this matching couple duo! Drinks with friends never looked so good. Match it with your favorite person and you are good to go.

Ripped oversized jumper

Now you are making people wonder whether you are a lawbreaker or a nice person. Wearing a ripped sweater is not for all people, it’s for those who accept the change. Add this ripped sweater to any loose pant and you will be a big deal.

Solid crewneck sweater

We're not willing to admit that we can wear our favorite sweaters in formal events, but Steve jobs wore black turtleneck and jeans to one of the most important events ever and everybody loved it. Sweaters,' AKA our lovely comfortable piece of clothes, have stepped in as a valuable piece, and they happen to be more versatile than we originally thought.

Thick Fleece Jacket

I’m not saying you need this fleece jacket, but would life really feel complete without it? Probably not. This jacket will have you feeling warm and comfortable add to it a retro pant and you will look chill.

Juicy sweatsuit set


Something about wearing a matching set makes me feel whole, can’t you agree? This outfit will keep you warm, cute, and toasty as you lounge around on a relaxing Sunday.


Khaki bomber Jacket

Boom boom boom the hot fit is in the room, stand collar plain jackets are here to stay as they always have been. Wear it above a shirt, sweatshirt, you name it. Making it more sophisticated and somehow elegant in appearance.

Blank Cropped Hoodie with a high waist sweatpant


Whether it’s a morning run or a home party, a cropped set is a must. Cropped sweatsuits are the trend to know about for 2022 night hangouts. It's also worth noting that the cuts are a bit slimmer and less oversized than in past seasons.

Blank thick jacket

Between standing collar and its thickness this jacket is here to stay. The design of collared jackets make it capable of being matched with any other piece of clothes and make you bright in it.

Windproof Overcoat

Made using high quality fibers, this gorgeous overcoat will smarten up any outfit in an instant. The distinctive design offers subtle detailing that will make this coat a firm favorite. With a loose wear, this coat will be the body main choice for a more relaxed fit.

Windbreaker Reflective Couple Set

If you're hardcore anti-umbrella but still very much pro-being-dry, you need to have a rain set in your wardrobe. Reflective windbreaker set is the ultimate tool for rainy, dark, and windy days. You will thank us for its reflective ability when you are walking in a dark place. This is a rain set that will fit any vibe. Remember, if you're not wearing water-proof pants, you'll want to.


We have taken you through a journey of the simplicity and sophistication of blank outfits, now we want to know what you think about blank outfits


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